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1979 300 trash in carburetor

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  • 1979 300 trash in carburetor

    I have a 79 300 with the 360 engine. Car is in great original condition. About 40k miles. Always garaged. Occasionally I experience drivability problems. Poor idling, stumbles on takeoff. Usually close off the carb under the hood, rev it, and after a backfire or two it will run fine again. It has a Holley, not the original lean burn carb. A friend of mine had an issue with his charcoal canister a few years ago. The charcoal frags were being sucked up into his carb. I have not treated my fuel tank yet; I just can’t believe a car in this condition has much garbage in the tank. Could my problem be charcoal, or do I need to take my fuel tank off and have it chemically lined?

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    I don't think it is trash in carb - but maybe a stuck float
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      Or maybe the alky gas.