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  • Front end rebuild

    Front end kit. I have the PST catalog. Standard rubber kit is fine with me it's a driver.
    Opinion of PST?

    Option number 2, go to Rock Auto and buy all the Moog Quality Parts, individually.

    Any kind of feedback is welcome. For my 1970 Charger.

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    I have been rebuilding with PST poly graphite bushing for years. They maintain the alignment settings with greater fidelity and won’t deteriorate like oem rubber style bushing. Especially the lower control arm, this is the weakest bushing in the front suspension. There is a lot of labor in this rebuilding process...put the highest quality parts in, to make it the best you can. Have had good results with there ball joints and tie rod ends also.


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      I've gone both ways can barely tell the difference from either. If I was going to put a ton of miles on the car, I'd go poly -- but if is a occasional mile car I'd most likely use the stock kit.


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        Whatever you get, just make sure the stuff isn't coming from CHINA because it's nothing but CRAP!! I've had my fill doing front end work for others using China made stuff and after my last complete rebuild I refuse to do anymore with China made crap. At least this time my ball joint socket fit the uppers. People what to cheap out and bring me the parts that they already purchased thinking they are going to do the job themselves and then see it's over their heads and of course want to use the junk they bought a year ago.....
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          I've bought Moog parts recently and they look and feel just like they did 40 years ago. I;d doubt that's made in China.