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MoparWiki got a major upgrade

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  • MoparWiki got a major upgrade

    Updating the software that runs MoparWiki has never gone without problems. The previous version was from 2016. I'd literally spent days trying to upgrade so I can open up registration again without the spammers - and was unsuccessful. I finally ponied the big bux to have professionals to do it, and it took them days - but now is both on the most current version of the operating software, and now with a SSL certificate for a fully secure connection.

    Now I can start work back on reopening up registration again, without the vandalism and spam. Until then please use the MoparWiki categories here at MoparWeb for updates.

    I really could use a lot of help with moderation (looking for and deleting Spam), contributors to improve the individual Wikis, proof readers to correct and spelling and grammar errors and editors to standardize Wikis that are out of the desired of format.

    There are a lot of retired Mopar Experts who have the skills to do this. If you want to help leave a legacy of Mopar history, please consider volunteering. You can start by participating in the improvements of the Wikis through this MoparWiki category on MoparWeb - as outlined in the sticky threads. As you do this and decide this is something you want to do more regularly, I'll get you the access to do so more directly.
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