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The Chrysler K-Car

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  • The Chrysler K-Car

    While the K-Car in the early 80s saved "The New Chrysler's" ass, it had few fans then and fewer every year since. I can't tell you when I last saw one still on the road. I actually owned a Plymouth Acclaim, which I bought new in the early 90s as I needed a FWD car to pull on a dolly behind my motorhome, which could seat six - as I had four kids at the time. It actually drove pretty nice and I never had a problem with it in the five or six years I owned it.

    All of that said, it was an important car to Chrysler, and there is a Wiki on it at MoparWiki.

    If you have any information, high quality photos or links that can improve the Wiki, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd post it in the K-car discussion at MoparWeb or Fakebook's Moparwiki page. Both have a discussion on the topic.
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