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    In my opinion, no one is a bigger POS than Russ Flagle. I bought three high dollar 900hp engines from them and quickly windowed two. I had the third disassembled by another engine builder, in front of me, in my shop. It was a complete abortion. Filthy, missing parts, and low dollar parts in place of what I thought I was getting.

    That said, they've got you by the balls if you're a Mopar racer needing high HP heads, aluminum block and intakes. Do yourself an buy from any of their WD distributors - and not directly from ICH. Maybe Best Machine.

    Feel free to change my mind!

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    Yeah,,,,,,,,,, I remember you having some kinda issue with your power plants some 5-6 years ago ,,,,,,,,,??????


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      I know you had a problem with Charlie but, between me and Ken we never lost the bottom end.
      Charlie got a lot of work because of Russ. Russ always gave a dyno sheet, but of what engine?


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        You are correct on them being just about the only ones around for heads etc. There are a couple of companies that play with the Mopar stuff but not to the extent of ICH. You are also correct on Russ being a pos. I probably will be running into him at the PRI show this coming week.