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Outfitting my Stacker

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  • Outfitting my Stacker


    Unboxed the Pit Pal Stuff and put in trailer. Mounting it all is on the very long todo list. Also need to mount the winch in the floor compartment. Have a couple cord reels and an air hose reel also needing to be mounted.

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ID:	1868 Here's some of the work so far

    On one of the doors, there's a fire bottle holder, 5' tire gauge holder, a screwdriver rack, a door cabinet, and some grips that hold my weather station for travel and the pole with weather station above the stacker when at the track.


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      The extension pole fore the weather station is mounted just inside the door, next to the lift,


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        In the back I mounted a broom holder, and drilled a couple holes in it so I can strap down my blowers. I use it to blow the trailer out of the back door, blow away crap on hard pits, and to blow of the car mat dry when it rains. Below that I mounted a jack pouch, and to either side are cord hangers

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          Next to the overhead cabinets I mounted an Oil Bottle rack. I also used Industrial Grey Velcro to hold up the lift's remote.

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            At the front of the trailer, I mounted a coat rack with 4 Stainless Steel Hangers for my safety jacket and pants. Above I mounted baskets for my safety shoes and gloves and from the ceiling is a swivel hook for my helmet and neck brace.


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              Next up was filling the tool cabinet drawers with my tools. I need to go back through to clean and oil many of them.


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                  Looks nice...Well done!


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                    Thank god I will NEVER have those problems..........LMOL
                    HEMI-ITIS has no cure,,,my condition is full blown.


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                      More work on outfitting the Stacker.

                      The goal is to organize a 2′ shorter trailer with far less storage than the last one.
                      So far the oil shelves are up and the lift control mounted to side of top cabinet; coat rack, helmet hanger, and baskets for racing gloves and shoes are on the front wall.

                      The telescopic pole for the weather station is mounted on the wall. for storage.

                      A fire bottle is mounted to attic ladder.

                      Some of the Specialty Tools are in the lower cabinet. Sill more ae needing to be stored there.

                      Logs and cleaning supplies in upper cabinets

                      I still need to mount something to store my folding Director’s Chair.

                      In the attic I started drilling holes.

                      Pressed in some threaded inserts

                      Bolted in some angle iron, which can be quickly unbolted if I was to need some more flat floor space.

                      Spare Parts tubs ain’t goin anywhere. Yes, I need to flip the front floor bracket around.

                      Buster, my Ole Chocolate Lab, has been goin to races with me since 2005. He’s been having a rough time lately and can barely walk. However he was so excited that I was working all day in the Stacker that he found the strength to climb in and keep me company. His tail was wagging like he was a pup again.I sure hope he makes it long enough to go to a few more races. He’s never happier than when were. racing.

                      A couple feet of three in pipe with an end cap, and s a notched 4″ to 3″ reducer

                      and a little pewter paint

                      and I have a holder for the High Strength clear RTV that I use to seal my oil pan to the block

                      I mounted a couple baskets on the rear-side door to hold various items (gloves, carb caps, ..) often needed when working on the car in the pit. Also riveted three magnetic bars to door to securely hold a set of wrenches for convenience.

                      The other side door is also outfitted for convenience.

                      And a Wall Mount for my cordless drill. I’ll mount another for cordless Impact wrench
                      I still have to mount and wire up the winch, mount a cord-reel and air hose, install a radio and speakers, make a rack for Jack stands and mount some arrangement for hardware.


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                        So speaking of the new Stacker, I need to finish out-fitting it so I can load the cars up. Check a couple of previous posts to update yourself where I’d gotten by mid last month. Most is done, but the winch (to get the cars in and out of the trailer) was not.

                        When I ordered the Stacker built to what I’ve learned about trailers over the years, I had them build an in-floor compartment for a winch with 1/2″ platting. There’s a door that covers it to make for a flat floor. I test fitted the winch and drilled some 1/2″ holes through the plate. The winch was then mounted by bolting in from the under the trailer, using Grade 8 hardware.

                        Once bolted in, it became obvious that Intech didn’t make the well deep enough for the relay box that sits on top. I took it apart to remove the mount, and the only place it would fit was in back of the winch – only if I removed the lower mounting rod off the winch.

                        Even then, I only had about 1/2″ clearance from the now neatly rolled spool. Since we all know this will be the last time the spool will be neat – that wasn’t going to work. I removed the relay and rolled under the trailer with it and a mount I had made from aluminum bar stock. After tearing out a clump of hair caught in the creeper’s wheel, I remembered that now that my hair is again Long – that I have to have hoodie up when on a creeper.

                        I then drilled a 2″ hole through the 1/2″ plate, almost breaking my wrist many times when the broch stopped moving but my big Dewalt drill still wanted to turn.

                        It would only be Natural that after taking two shots of mounting the relay box under the trailer that the cables to the winch would all be 1″ too short. So work stopped on the winch while I placed an order for 4Ga copper cable butt connectors and a couple options on 2″ hole grommets.

                        However, there was other work to be done.

                        Like a couple door baskets, disposable glove holder, magnetic bars for wrenches, and a couple Velcro straps to hold a yoga mat for me to lay on when under the car.

                        Mounted power tools, batteries and charger on bench splash board, and an oil pan holder on the wall under the oil rack. I should have the Stacker finished and the cars loaded in by the end of next week.


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                          Click image for larger version

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                          Made a little holder for my funnels.

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                          The winch was finally finished.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Did what I could to secure everything and keep the walls nice.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Attached a couple of D-Rings to secure the Director's chair against the wall for travel.


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                            The interior of the stacker is pretty much done. A few exterior items are left.
                            Click image for larger version

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