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August 1 Devo

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  • August 1 Devo

    Easier Now Than Later

    I think the easiest way to avoid some sin is to never do it in the first place.

    You’ll never
    get drunk if you refuse to look at the wine while it sparkles in the cup. You’ll never have an affair if you have Job’s policy of never looking at another woman in that way. Always pay for what you take off the shelf and you’ll never know the sinful thrill of theft making it that much easier to resist. I’m sure there are many people, ensnared by addictive sin, who deep-ly regret the day when they were introduced to it. So think hard before that first experience my friends! You may never have an easier victory than the one you could have right now.

    Or . . . you could go the way of Jeroboam. He had a decision to make at the beginning of his kingdom. Because of Solomon’s sins most of Israel passed to Jeroboam. It is right then, right there where the new king could have made the declaration of Joshua: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). Right at the beginning was the easiest time to make that decision. But Jeroboam decided that the Lord’s ways were too hard. It was too hard to go to Jerusalem to worship, to fulfill the law of Moses, so instead he set up golden calves.

    Now the right thing is a little more difficult.

    It’s kind of embarrassing
    to reverse a decision you just publicly made. He stayed an idolater his entire life. Of course, nobody’s decision affects only them. If your kids grow up witnessing you commit some sin they are likely to copy the practice for themselves. Having their most pow-erful role models living a certain way may make it much harder to break free than it would have been for the parents to resist. Would you believe the sin of Jeroboam continued through the entire national history of the Northern Kingdom?

    “The Israelites persisted in all
    the sins of Jeroboam and did not turn away from them until the Lord removed them from his presence” (2 Kings 17:22-23). His kids and their kids and their kids and their kids all be-came idolaters along with the rest of the country for over 200 years. I suspect some said something like “If it was good enough for my daddy and his daddy it’s good enough for me.” With all that history resist-ing because very hard for anyone.The best time to refuse the devil is now. Don’t put it off. Resisting will only become harder the longer you do.

    And if you’ve never done some evil deed . . . don’t. That first no could very well make things easier for you and the rest of your family for hundreds of years.

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    Camden Ave Church of Christ