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July 15 Devo

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  • July 15 Devo

    CLASS OF 2020

    "Long ago, in ancient Greece, when formal education was for the very rich or the very determined, a wise old teacher was approached by a group of noblemen."Our sons have completed their studies and it is time for them to return to their homes and live in the style befitting their station.On the morrow, we will hold a great banquet in their honor and expect them to be dressed in their finest garment."The old man smilingly answered, "They will be there,and he added, "Appropriately dressed."

    The following day, the banquet hall was filled with royalty and nobility dressed in dazzling jewels and costly finery.Then came the great moment when the students entered with their beloved teacher.

    A startled cry arose from the crowd.For here were their young men dressed, not in the garments of the noble, but in simple sackcloth robes, each carrying a mortarboard --the mark of a common workman."Let me explain," spoke the teacher as he raised his hands for silence."Your sons are dressed in the clothing of the mason, for their destiny is to build.Some will build cities, some will build lives --perhaps one of them may even build an empire.But all will be builders in the solid foundation of knowledge."

    And thus, over the years, the cap and gown have become a traditional part of graduation, symbolizing the fact that our young men and women are builders of their own future and the future of the world."

    It is hard to believe all the class of 2020 has gone through during their twelve years of education.It has been a long time since one graduating class of high school seniors have faced as many obstacles as the class of 2020.This class has not known a world without the events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001.They came into a world knowing about terrorism, war on terrorism, and radical Islam.

    This class also had to deal with the fear of school and other mass shootings.They have known that the world is not a safe place with Hurricanes like Katerina and Sandy.There have been all kinds of disasters and diseases.Yet the obstacles still never seem to cease. Their final year of high school was interrupted with the Covid-19 pandemic, fol-lowed by the mass riots and protests around our country.With all this the class of 2020 still graduated, and they are still optimistic and making plans for the future. Congratulations to the Class of 2020, you have earned not just an education in learning but also in life.It is through this learning maybe you can make the world a better place building with your knowledge and your faith.With this thought in mind this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. here at the building we will honor our young people who have and are going to continue to be trained to be builders of the church, builders of their future, and builders of the world.

    Rom. 12:10 re-minds us to honor one another, and graduation is something we should honor among those who have fulfilled the requirements that have been put before them.Young people keep up the great work and again congratulations.

    Camden Ave Church of Christ
    [1] The Legend of the Cap and Gown, Belington Church of Christ Bulletin. May 26, 1996 Vol. 4 number 2