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What Are Groups & Why Should I Care?

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  • What Are Groups & Why Should I Care?

    MoparWeb is a Mopar site first and foremost.

    Our forums are set up where Mopar Racers can discuss all things racing Mopars, Classic (50s through mid-80s) Mopar Fans can discuss Classic Mopars, Antique/Prewar, Muscle Mopar Fans can discuss their Mopars, Modern Mopar Fans can discuss Modern Mopars, and Mopar Truck Fans can discuss Mopar Trucks. There are also categories to discuss technical/repair issues, Mopar News, and Mopar Classified Ads. All of these On-Mopar Topic discussions are kept in their appropriate categories in the Forums to make it easy to go directly to the discussions that interest you, and avoid those which do not.

    However we all have other interests aside from Mopar.

    As more and more members are told of, find, join and/or post on MoparWeb, we'll all make new Internet friends. We will share some other than Mopar interest with some friends, and other interests with other new friends. Those interests might include:
    • Being Veterans
    • Riding Motorcycles
    • Photography
    • Outdoor Grilling
    • Smart Home Electronics
    • Sports
    • Model Cars
    • Hunting & Guns
    • Men's Health
    • Single Parenting
    • and thousands of other interests
    Groups allow people with like interests to discuss those topics with each other without boring those who could care less, and it keeps those topics out of the Mopar related areas. You are encouraged to join any groups that interest you, and participate in the discussions of that group. If there is not a group with the hobby/interest that is your passion, you are free to create it. Groups can be Public, which all can see and join; or Private - where only those invited can see the posts and must be invited to join.

    I hope that members will find a group that really interests them (or create it), invite their friends, and participate in it. The more you participate in on or off topic discussions, the more others will start to jump in and also participate. They will in turn tell their friends or others will stumble onto the site - from search engines indexing your post. The more visitors, the more members. The more members, the more new friends you'll make and the better MoparWeb will get.

    When I was in the Military (72-76), we had both Leaders (not so many) and Followers (who looked up to the leaders as who they should be following. The saying use to be "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way". I'm hoping that some Extroverted Leaders will roll up their sleeves and participate in both the on and off Mopar topic discussions, so that the more Introverted Followers currently only stalking, will feel comfortable enoughnjump in.

    BK/The Old Hippie
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