After arriving home (SE Texas) from Michigan late Saturday night, after a 5-week trip for four drag races, I was back on the road pointed toward Oswego, IL at 6am Sunday morning. I got to the Best Western up there at 11:45pm – for a little nap and a shower. I arrived at the Seller’s house early Labor Day and finished loading the bikes and parts by 9:30am. I pointed truck and trailer back towards Texas and was home at 3:30Am Tuesday. New personal record, I drove about 4000 miles in three days.

After a little nap, I got them unloaded and lined up at my race shop.

I’ve still have not had the time to go through them to match the loose motors with the Scooters without Motors, or match the five titles to the Scooters. They are as numbered in photos:
  1. Cushman Jetsweep (1957-1960?)
  2. Cushman Series 60 Frame
  3. Cushman Highlander
  4. Cushman Series 50
  5. Cushman Eagle
  6. Cushman Eagle with Large motor transplant (not had time to see what motor)
  7. Cushman Eagle
  8. Hawke Pony Cycle (aka Ponycycle & Pony Scooter) made in Michigan by the Hawke Tooling Company and sold in Montgomery Wards catalogs
  9. Allstate (Cushman sold by Sears & Roebuck) Jetsweep
  10. Cushman Eagle
  11. Cushman Eagle
  12. Cushman Super Eagle

My Plans

Hawke Ponycycle

From what little I’ve been able to find on the Internet, the Pony Cycle is worth the most money, so I’ll focus my attention on it first. I believe they made about 2000 Scooters total in one seven models of both Step throughs and cycle style. Of the few photos I’ve found of the step throughs, I’ve not yet found one exactly like mine. I’ve seen one without the rear sheet metal, kinda Cushman Highlander style, and the rest have their body go all of the way around the read fender. Again, they made seven models and there is little information.

I have aforum discussion started, asking for help and references on this bike at the Cushman Forum. If you have information than can help me, or help those in the future searches on the subject of the Ponycycles, please roll us all a bone and post that there.

I’ll try get it running, research it for more details and correct value, clean it up, blast/paint body & tank, and then “Flip” it – as I already had 9 Cushmans before I picked these up. When I’m ready to sell, I will list in the Cushman Classifieds, along with Offerup, Craig’s List and eBay. If someone really has to have before then, and want to make me an offer I can’t refuse, email me at davetheoldhippie @ Gmail.com .

Cushman Jetsweep

I’ve always been intrigued by the 50s space age styling of these Scooters, and owning one has been on my bucket list. I’ll see if I can get it running and restore it. I might put a 18hp Vanguard in it if the motor is toast.

Allstate Jetsweep

I’ve wanted a Jetsweep for a long time, and now I have two (both red) to choose from. I’ve picked (for no particular reason as they both appear to be in the same condition) the Cushman, and will be selling the Allstate. I’ve not yet started a discussion concerning it on the Cushman Forum, but I will soon. In addition to listing in the Cushman Classifieds, I’ll also be listing (most likely next week after I determine if its one of the five titled or not) on Craig’s List and eBay. Again, if you’re interested and want to make a “reasonable” offer – email me at davetheoldhippie @ Gmail.com. If I don’t receive a reasonable offer, I’ll most likely put it into the long line of Scooters needing restoration.

Cushman Super Eagle

Now this is a really interesting Scooter. I’ve not seen any of these in the wild before, and I’m really digging it. The Seller tells me that it was running great, but has not been started in 20 years. It looks to be an easy restoration, so I’ll put it in line. I’ll first see if I can get running, and cleaned up. If someone makes me an interesting offer before I restore, I will let it go – but it would have to be pretty interesting. I’ve not (as I write this on 9/12/20) checked to see if this is one of the titled Scooters, but I have the feeling that I was told it was.

Cushman Series 50

A cursory look has me believing that this is a complete bike, and I’m hoping I can get it running quickly. I’m already asshole deep in Series 60s, so this one will also be going before or after a restoration – based on if someone makes me a good offer before I start.

Cushman Series 60 Frame Only

I need the front wheel for my Rat Scooter, as the on on it is bent. The rear wheel is only there to roll the scooter around. The fender in the photo belongs to an Eagle. The frame was primed over a little surface flash. I’m going to blast it clean with fine crushed glass, respray with primer and sell the frame with the front fender. It too will be listed in the Cushman Classifieds – amount other places.

Cushman Highlander

I need to do a little research on this scooter, try to start it, clean it up, verify its title status – and then I’ll sell. They’re cool scoots, fairly rare – but its not me. Look for it to appear in the Cushman Classifieds soon. Also look for a discussion in the Cushman Forum, as I’m not very knowledgeable on this model, and looking for some research help

That leaves the 5 Cushman Eagles

I’m also already asshole deep on Eagles and will need to sort these out, match the loose motors to those without motors in the frames, figure out which is titled, clean them up and flip. I might look more closely at the one with the big motor and maybe make it into a chopper. I’m a drag racer, and most Racers have a golf cart of scooter for their pit vehicle. I might bring to track and use it with a for sale sign, until sold to another racer. The motor is missing the distributor.

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