So I’ve been selling my car collection as part if my life downsizing – and taken a liking to smaller toy – Cushman vehicles. I’ve recently acquired 8 of these vehicles. I’ll tell about each of these in time – but first the Rat bike.
I bought this from an 85-year-old man in north central Texas. He had a couple of shelters (and I use that term lightly) where he kept a collection of rough but Restorable Cushmans and other stuff.

While there I bought 5 of 6 best he had.

I arrive home in the evening, and unloaded my trailer.

The next day, Frankenstein the Rat bike, was the first to have its attention drawn to it.

It is an Eagle frame with some type of 4 cylinder military engine, of which I really know little. The old man had some fun trying to make it look like an Eagle trying to catch its prey. He says its stupid fast, claiming could beat his son’s Harley.

After a couple of hours, the motor was made to run, and appears to run well. I haven’t ridden it yet as it needs a couple of chains and brakes. I have a couple of out of state races over the next couple of weeks, so it will be awhile. I plan to keep it as a Rat Bike, and will most likely flip it after its running good and safe.